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Others. Don't say a word, she told herself. Not one word. If you like, stop by the warehouse sometime, Quillen invited. I'll show you how we run things there. I'll think about it. Translation: Fat chance. She wasn't physically tired when she opened her apartment door, but mentally she was wiped out. Work tended to do that to her lately, as she seemed to be spending more time fighting fires than being productive. Without turning the light on, she tossed the sack containing her dinner toward her recliner, than cursed when the sack hit the floor. Flipping on the lights, she realized why she missed. The recliner wasn't there. It was on the other side of the room. In fact, all of the furniture had been rearranged. Her senses on full alert now, she walked silently through her apartment. Holding her breath, she eased into the bedroom and flipped on the light. Everything was there, but the bed was pushed against the other wall. The closet was open, and the hanging clothes were shoved to one side. Her bathroom was intact though the shower was open and the toilet seat up. Grabbing a pair of scissors from buy instagram followers the bathroom -- the slim extra-sharp ones she used to trim hair -- she made her http://www.oneeyedeer.com/the-four-of-buy-instagram-followers/ way to the kitchen. All the cupboards were open. Finally she checked the small second bedroom she used as an office. The computer was on, as she left it. Drawers were pulled open and paperwork scattered everywhere, but nothing seemed to be missing. Get out, whoever you are, she shouted. No buy instagram followers response. She thought about calling the police, but figured they'd just take a report and sit on it. She flung herself in the recliner, still holding on to the scissors. She wished her dad was there. At least he made sense. What do you mean? asked Kyla. I dunno. Just weird. Like . . . he stopped when he saw a small sign near the cash register that he hadn't noticed before. It read White Seating Only. Oh, wow. What is it? Kyla asked. She tried to follow Zammie's eyes to see what he was looking. Suddenly the waitress walked back over to them. Don't you understand I'm doin' ya'll a favor? You ain't s'posed to sit here. But you're just kids buy instagram followers an' we ain't full yet, so I've givin' you a break. I can't be tendin' to every beck an' call you might have. So, please, just eat what you've been served before my manager comes out here and tells you to leave. The waitress quickly turned and walked away leaving